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PUF Panels


PUF Panels

Coolsway are specifically designed PUF Panel System to use to all kind of cold storage, Living Shelters, Remote area offices, Clean Rooms, Temperature control cabins, Refrigerated Van, etc.  Coolsway PUF Panel Systems ensures you extra strength, weather tightness, better overlap, corrosion resistance, light weight, low maintenance, good aesthetics, quick installation and long durability..


Technical Specification

PUF Panels available under following specification:

Panel Thickness: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm.

Sheet Used: PPGI, SS-304

Sheet Thickness: 0.5mm to 1.0mm as per requirement

PFU Density: 402kg/m3  to 702kg/m3 as per requirement


Coolsway  following testing: for quality control:

Compressive strength, KN/m2 (Compressive stress at 10% deformation)

Tensile strength, Kg/cm2

Adhesion strength, Kg/cm2 (using UTM, Model STS-158, Speed 10mm/min)

Dimensional stability at 1000C for 24hrs

(i) Change in length, %

(ii) Change in width, %

(iii) Change in thickness, %

Water absorption, % by weight

Vapour permeability, g/hr.m2 (Water Vapor transmission rate)

Fire resistance

(i) Mean extent burnt, mm

(ii) Burnt rate, mm/sec

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